Answer This Interview Question Correctly

During an interview, especially with Clutch Management Concepts, you’ll be asked a lot of different questions as well as given the opportunity to ask your own. One question we often ask is why the interviewee is interested in working with us. We’ve found that, of the standard answers that people give to this question, there’s one way to really stand out.


Like most interview questions, the important part is to answer in such a way that shows you’ve really done your research about the company. You don’t want to be vague with a response about how much fun the culture at Clutch Management Concepts seems. You want to be much more specific in mentioning that you like the mix of team-bonding and philanthropic activities in which we engage.


When you’re researching a company, take the time to read the website and gain an understanding of the mission and vision and what they’re really trying to accomplish. With this information, you can then determine how you can help the company and what you think you bring to the table that is unique.


When your answer shows that you’ve thought about how you can add value to the company, then the interviewer is likely to sit forward and take note. You’re showing that you have good communication skills, and you have at least some understanding of how you can help the organization reach its goals.


When you take the time to think through responses to common questions, you’ll be well on your way to getting a job. For more interviewing tips, follow Clutch Management Concepts on Twitter.