Best Practices to Choosing the Right Charity

Philanthropy is in our blood at Clutch Management Concepts. We volunteer as a firm and as individuals. Giving back is easier once we have criteria to decide which charities to support. Here are the questions we ask ourselves first:

Align With Your Values: Not all charitable organizations are created equal. In our Clutch Management Concepts office, we seek charities that are the best fit for our company ethos as well as what is important to our associates. This practice increases buy-in to help meet fundraising goals as well as ensure we’re working with charities that operate with integrity at all times.

Intent to Help: Another question we must ask ourselves is how we intend to put our time to valuable use. Some charities will let us donate items while others prefer we volunteer and learn the key components of their given model. Other organizations would like assistance with bookkeeping or other professional tasks for which they have no time.

Do Research: At Clutch Management Concepts, our people are encouraged to spend time researching and comparing different organizations in order to find one that is appropriate to their needs and desires. They also want to ensure this list of proposed charities is on the up and up.

How do you incorporate the best charity-selecting ideas?

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