Build Trust With Your Team

Some leaders are easily able to develop confidence with their team members and enjoy good relationships with everyone around them. At Clutch Management Concepts, we study great leaders so we can apply these same management concepts to our organization and build connections with each team member. How we conduct ourselves sets the tone for the culture of the entire company. Here are a few ways we build that trust:


  • Offer Trust: Before we’ve really had a chance to work with someone long term, we go ahead and offer them our trust. We give them the information needed to do their job and then step back and trust them to do it. While our leaders make sure we’re available to answer questions and we touch base periodically to check in, we offer our team members our trust first.
  • Share the Credit: Major success comes about thanks to a team effort, and exceptional leaders make sure to share the credit. When we accomplish a major Clutch Management Concepts objective, we make a point of mentioning the specific team members who helped and thanking them for their very valuable contributions.
  • Plan Together: As a leader, you probably have a pretty good idea of the goals you want to set and how you want to reach them. Sitting down with your team and seeking input not only might add great ideas to your list, it also means your team is invested into the whole project.


When we build a professional company culture based on trust and competence, we can then sit back and observe as our team members grow and our company thrives. To learn more about Clutch Management Concepts, the training we offer, and our team, follow us on Facebook.