You CAN Promote Yourself (Here’s How)

One of the toughest challenges for any person is to promote himself or herself to others. In our Clutch Management Concepts training, we discuss strategies our people can use to authentically sell themselves to others. Here are three practices we’ve found helpful:

Understand You Are Filling a Need: Our Clutch Management Concepts philosophy centers on valuing the contributions each person makes to our firm’s growth. If someone were vying for a promotion or new position, the best practice would be to focus on talents and why this person should be amply qualified to move up the corporate ladder. In other words, we should promote ourselves as filling a specific need through our unique skill set.

Focus on Fit: Another best practice we’ve found useful is to consider our cultural fit with a company. Skills can be learned, but as we propose in our Clutch Management Concepts. office, the most effective approach is to understand how we might bond with others in the organization based on our unique personality.

Consider Failure as Intel: Mistakes might happen or details might be flawed. When we fail, however, we need to review the experience and look for the valuable information that lies beneath the surface that will readily help us to learn and grow as professionals.

Self-promotion is easier once we accept that we have much to offer, and even a NO can be valuable in the long run. 

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