A Great Opportunity for New Team Members

Ongoing learning – and therefore conference attendance – is a key component of the Clutch Management Concepts success strategy. We attend industry gatherings whenever possible, and we’re currently looking forward to a high-level leadership event.

This upcoming conference will take place in Dallas, Texas. Zack, President of Clutch Management Concepts, will be attending with three of our newest leaders – Genesis A., Zachary F., and Harold P. “I’m excited to give these team members the chance to network with some of the top players in the field,” Zack says.

“My favorite part of conferences is how eye-opening they are,” he continues. “We see the reach of the organization and how many people are out there working toward goals similar to ours. These are great opportunities to hear from the highest-ranking individuals in the industry.”

Meeting and learning from others aren’t the only perks of these events. Here are a few others:

• Bonding: When our team members spend time together away from the office, they can focus on each other instead of their daily tasks. They grow closer as a result, and morale rises.

• Increased Performance: After enjoying the many benefits of an industry gathering, people return to the workplace feeling more inspired and creative than ever. It pays off in the form of impressive results.

These are just a few of the reasons to embrace team outings and learning events. Follow Clutch Management Concepts on Twitter to learn more about our approach to success.