Have Guest Speaker, Will Travel!

Travel is more than just an exciting Clutch Management Concepts perk; it’s also one of our development tools. Whether cross-training in another city or attending a regional seminar, the chance to see new sights with our colleagues while also sharpening our skills helps us broaden our horizons as we become more accomplished in our field.

Our most recent trip took us to Philadelphia for a national leadership conference. Zack, President of Clutch Management Concepts, traveled with 15 of our top producers and two admins to this weekend event. He was very excited to have so many members of his organization there to hear from industry leaders from across the country.

“This was an incredibly motivating opportunity,” Zack stated. “While we were there, we got to meet accomplished professionals from many different areas and backgrounds, all of whom have interesting stories to share about how they achieved success. We all met at least one person whose personal journey inspired us to push through any challenges we might be facing. Also, it was great to see the scope of what can be achieved in customer acquisitions.”

Another exciting feature of this weekend was that Zack had the chance to give a speech on the importance of being relentless in career and life. As if we weren’t already motivated by the other leaders we met, seeing our own President on stage really fired us up!

Our travel program is educational and inspiring. See where we’re going next by following Clutch Management Concepts on Facebook.