Helping Each Other Succeed

It’s all about the team at Clutch Management Concepts! From our earliest days, Zack, our firm’s CEO, had a clear vision of a tight-knit team culture made up of positive self-starters. As we complete our first year in business, Zach couldn’t be prouder of the team he’s built. Every accomplishment can be tied back to how we pull together to deliver top-notch results for our national service partners.

What really sets Clutch Management Concepts apart from other customer acquisition firms is our coaching model. We want our people to learn from the best and that means from each other. Knowledge transfer is part of this process, but there’s more to being a good leader and coach. Here are some other benefits our program offers, beyond teaching new people the basics:

• Support: Our coaches do more than simply pass along information and feedback. They also offer encouragement to those who are just learning. By letting others know it’s OK to try and that they don’t have to be perfect out of the gate, our coaches set the tone for productive training in which others can absorb more knowledge and gain confidence.

• Collaborate: When seasoned pros and new people are paired together, the mix of experience and fresh perspectives often enables more innovation.

• Celebrate: The best part of being a team, whether it’s a pair working together or the entire office, is the chance to enjoy each victory as one.

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