We’re Looking to Hire May Graduates

As we continue to meet and exceed our Clutch Management Concepts growth goals, we’re looking for fresh talent to add to our roster. With graduation season upon us, we’re especially excited to find driven young people right out of college who seek rewarding careers.

Our hands-on training approach makes Clutch Management Concepts a great option for new college grads. Zack, our firm’s President, explained, “We provide our team members with first-hand experience in customer engagement to learn those key processes. New hires learn essential skills in every aspect of our business. This helps them build confidence to navigate their careers.”

We’re hiring for both full-time and part-time positions during this team expansion initiative. Zack stated, “Part-time team members work 60 percent of the hours our full-time people work, but their roles are tremendously important. For either type of position, we need candidates who are ready to commit themselves to constant learning, as acquiring new things every day is one of the hallmarks of our company ethos.”

New hires can expect to have their growth aided by coaching, travel events, and networking functions. Zack added, “We’re committed to broadening our people’s horizons. This is doubly true for newer team members, because we want them to grasp the industry’s big picture as soon as possible.”

We’re excited to bring in some talented candidates during our hiring push. Follow our progress by liking Clutch Management Concepts on Facebook.