What It Means to Have a Vibrant Company Culture

The Clutch Management Concepts culture encompasses our values and goals. We’re committed to concepts such as collaboration and growth. These principles are mirrored in our campaigns as well as all our daily interactions. Perhaps more than anything else, they are evident in our team camaraderie.

According to Zack, the President of Clutch Management Concepts, “I’m focused on maintaining a family oriented group of professionals. Everyone here is close and supportive of each other. The team nights I organize give our people opportunities to spend time away from the office, where we step away from our roles and have great fun.”

Most recently, we went bowling and enjoyed a visit to Dave and Buster’s. Even some friendly competition in these areas enhances morale and performance back in the workplace. We gain greater insight into each other’s strengths and interests. As such, we’re better able to assign tasks and facilitate progress when it comes to our outreach work.

Leslie, who is our human resources administrator, points out that our culture and team nights also help new hires acclimate themselves to our operations. Even when introverted people join us, they open up quickly because we are so supportive. Everyone has something valuable to offer, and we do whatever it takes to make them comfortable enough to share it.

We’re already looking forward to our next group outing. For more on our cohesive office atmosphere, go to the Clutch Management Concepts Newswire.