Networking and Public Speaking Opportunities Abound

Our Clutch Management Concepts travel program helps us develop as people and professionals. We expand our horizons by meeting like-minded business leaders and listening to them as they share the stories of their success.

For example, the President of Clutch Management Concepts, Zack, recently took three of our firm’s top producers to Manhattan to meet and network with one of the most prominent frontrunners in our industry. While this was exciting enough, Zack also had the opportunity to give a speech as well! He spoke with approximately 60 conference attendees about strategies that set us apart from the average. It was a great chance for those listening to see how they could take their careers to the next level, and it reminded us how lucky we were to have a leader like Zack at the helm.

“One of the big advantages of both networking and public speaking is that when we know how to do them well, it raises our professional profile,” Zack shared. “We build our reputations as people who are insightful, helpful, and dependable by sharing our knowledge with those who can benefit from it. This inevitably leads to both short-term and long-term benefits.”

We are establishing ourselves as trailblazers in our field, and we’re proud to follow Zack’s lead. Learn more about our team and where we’re traveling to next by liking Clutch Management Concepts on Facebook.