How to Be a Positive Force in Your Community

Corporate social responsibility is part of the Clutch Management Concepts ethos. Many companies give to their communities during the holidays, but we do so throughout the year. Doing so not only creates major impact, it yields many rewards for our business. Here are a few of the most effective ways to make a difference:

” Lead by Example: If you want to get buy-in from your people, you must walk the walk. Just like you model the work ethic you want to see in the office, it’s important to be clear about your passion for giving and lead the charge. Doing so will inspire your team to do the same.

” Get Everyone Involved: Treating a giveback event as a team-bonding opportunity is another way to get the support of your people. Assign tasks that pair individuals who don’t normally work side by side. Perhaps your HR people can help your customer service pros do a neighborhood cleanup, for instance. This approach consistently enhances cohesion throughout Clutch Management Concepts.

” Offer Expertise: We participate in a wide array of charitable efforts. Along the way, we’ve discovered that our own expertise is quite valuable among nonprofits. We know just what it takes to raise awareness in targeted communities, after all. Think about what you and your people do best, and how you can offer it to those in need.

These philanthropic methods make giveback effective and enjoyable. Like Clutch Management Concepts on Facebook to learn about the causes we support.