PRESS RELEASE: Clutch President Earns Rookie Owner of the Year Award

WAYNE, NJ – Zack, President of Clutch Management Concepts, was recently honored for his efforts in leading his team members to professional success in 2018. He shared credit for the award with several people, and discussed the value of hard work.

As 2018 comes to a close, Team Clutch Management Concepts is spending time reflecting on the year’s successes. One of the most important of these was when Zack was invited to Punta Cana for a prestigious rest and relaxation retreat, where he spent time learning from and networking with industry leaders from across the globe.

While there, Zack was also recognized for helping his people achieve their personal and professional goals in 2018. The collected leaders were so impressed, in fact, that they honored Zack with the Rookie Owner of the Year award.

Scoring an invitation to this exclusive Dominican Republic getaway was a victory in itself, but being recognized by his peers for being such a tireless leader was an honor Zack will never forget. As he received his award, he was quick to recognize his support system for all that they did to help him reach his own goals for the year, including his team, his family, and his friends. He also shared his thoughts on the power of mentorship and thanked those who coached and guided him.

The excitement generated by this award is sure to propel Clutch Management Concepts to even greater heights of achievement in 2019. Zack is looking forward to seeing other members of his team honored for their work at the next invitation-only retreat.

Clutch Management Concepts’ President Is Proud of How Hard He Worked in 2018

Zack will be the first to admit that he worked very hard in 2018, and that is the reason he won the Rookie Owner of the Year award. He went to the office early, stayed late, and did whatever it took to make sure Clutch Management Concepts and his team members either met or exceeded expectations.

While some might hope that achievement relies on something other than hard work, this is great news, according to Zack. How much effort team members put into their Clutch Management Concepts careers is completely up to them, meaning that everyone has almost full control over how much success they achieve, and how quickly they achieve it.

As a business leader, Zack takes his responsibility for modeling the right behavior seriously, so he plans to continue displaying his incredible work ethic in the coming year. He’s certain that the results he’s looking for in 2019 will follow.

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