Push Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone means you’re pushing yourself professionally and at the same time, expanding it. Increasing skill set and abilities is a great way to grow a career and one of the favorite paths Clutch Management Concepts associates take to professional success. If you’re nervous about a certain part of your work, then that’s exactly what you need to embrace and learn to master.

Pushing your comfort zone can start in a small way. If public speaking scares you, prepare to give a presentation to just a few colleagues and get feedback. You could go even smaller and just participate in a group presentation and only be responsible for a small amount of the material. Once you’ve succeeded at that, then you can continue to present to larger groups on different topics, getting feedback, and improving. You’ll find you’re an excellent speaker in no time.

While those first few steps pushing yourself may be difficult, you just have to stick with it. Clutch Management Concepts associates focus on being over-prepared so that, even though they’re nervous about whatever task they’re approaching, they know they’re ready. New networking situations, leading a team, or just handling a new type of project are all experiences in which preparation will help you beat any uncomfortable feelings and you’ll meet your goal.

Continue pushing your comfort zone and you’ll look back and wonder why you didn’t take these steps sooner.

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