Why Small Talk Can Be Your Best Networking Friend

Networking is one of the many skills we incorporate into our Clutch Management Concepts training. We recognize the importance of helping our people build solid connections with influential people. In our office, we discuss the various ways in which our people might strike up a conversation with others. Invariably, the lost art of small talk is often noted as a great way to break the ice.

In our Clutch Management Concepts office, we discuss the benefits of banter. While some might eschew these types of discussions as inefficient, when we seek to engage others, we allow them room to share personal information that can help us structure a sounder connection. For example, a simple conversation on the current weather at a location can lead to sharing experiences in a different area.

This begs the question: how can we engage others in small talk? As we’ve noted in our Clutch Management Concepts brainstorming, we need a series of ice-breaker questions to jolt people’s interests. The purpose of small talk is to ultimately find common interests. Therefore, we might inquire about best places to try a locale cuisine specialty, favorite vacation spots, industry-related news, or even the weather. Once we get people discussing a neutral topic, it’s easier to segue into a more meaningful dialogue.

We consistently look for new opportunities to help our team expand their networks.

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