A Sports Background Works for Business, Too

One of the secrets to the success of Clutch Management Concepts is that we hire like-minded individuals. This is not to say we’re all alike; diversity is very important to us. Instead, what we’ve done is identified the skills and attitudes that our ideal team members embody, and then brought those people on board – regardless of background or experience.

For example, we’re a sports-minded group, and professionals with some kind of sports background tend to fit in well with our Clutch Management Concepts culture. Athletes know how to test their physical and mental capabilities, and push past their limits. In the business world, this translates into more of our team members moving forward in their careers. Recently one of our executives even opened her own satellite office in Ohio.

There are other similarities between the business and sports worlds as well. For instance, passion is a crucial element for success in both arenas. Without a burning desire to excel and push past obstacles, it’s difficult to put in the consistent effort required to achieve results.

Self-confidence is required to win as a professional and an athlete as well. This comes from pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, practicing our craft, and continually learning about the latest techniques and strategies being used by leaders in our field.

By combining our love of sports with the way we teach business 101 skills, we’ve created tremendous momentum for our company and our team. Find out more about our approach by liking Clutch Management Concepts on Facebook.