Our Strong Emphasis on Networking

Building strong networks of helpful business contacts is something we take seriously around Clutch Management Concepts HQ. We connect with other successful people at conferences, during retreats, and when we visit other offices for cross-training. Zack, our firm’s President, remarked, “These events allow our team members to learn from accomplished people outside their circles. This helps them see things from different perspectives, which enables meaningful improvement.”

Expanding our networks at these functions provides us with trusted sources of advice as we move forward in our careers. We know we can reach out to our contacts when we encounter unexpected challenges in our jobs. Our connections can also mean big things for Clutch Management Concepts as a whole, with joint ventures and potential additions to our portfolio as real possibilities.

Zack offers a few simple tips every time we attend a function with rich networking potential. One of his best bits of advice involves letting other people do the talking when trying to add valuable contacts. He added, “It’s always best to let new connections talk about their own careers and outside interests. This makes it easier to seize upon things you might have in common. It also improves the odds that you’re remembered in a positive light after the event.”

We strive to make the most of every chance to build our networks. Learn more about our approach to adding contacts by following Clutch Management Concepts on Twitter.