Team Member Highlight: Jasmine and Adriana

One of our favorite traditions is periodically highlighting the achievements of our Clutch Management Concepts team members. It is a fun and meaningful way to show our people that their hard work is greatly valued. Today, we are excited to shine the spotlight on not one, but two of our associates: Jasmine and Adriana.

Both women are account managers. They lead the largest teams in our organization and are very competitive and driven to succeed. Jasmine and Adriana are skilled trainers. They bring positivity and approachable personalities to teaching new team members. They also happen to be trilingual! Adriana is fluent in Spanish, English, and French and Jasmine is fluent in Spanish, English, and Arabic.

“My biggest accomplishment at Clutch Management Concepts has been building a team with a good foundation and being the top leader in the office,” Adriana said. “The most important skills I have learned while working here have been to actively listen and face challenges throughout the program.”

Describing her greatest accomplishments, Jasmine said, “They’re my consistent performances in marketing and in the development of others. The most important skill I have learned here is to be the example. A leader leads from the front. If you think you’re leading and no one is following, you’re simply walking around. My hobbies outside of work are bodybuilding, hiking, and modeling.”

Zack, our company President, expects Adriana and Jasmine to be managing their own offices in the near future. We are all excited to see what they will accomplish. Find more about the Clutch Management Concepts team by checking out our Newswire.