Want Success? Learn How to Own It

Accomplished people share a commonality. They understand that to be successful, they must take ownership of the process to achieve their objectives. In our Clutch Management Concepts, Inc. office, we have explored what it means to own our success.

Tenacity is a tremendous component of ownership. It’s more than simply accepting responsibility for a task or project. It’s about staying with it until completion, whether the project goes as planned or we’ve reached a point at which we understand we need to change course. Our Clutch Management Concepts, Inc. brainstorming sessions present great opportunities to dissect project processes for learning.

Another key component of ownership is something we impart with our Clutch Management Concepts, Inc. coaching program. Project or process owners need to enlist support from their teams. They need to inspire them. They need to trust them to run the ball down the field. People who accept ownership of something often struggle to let go to someone else. However, for our own growth, we need to empower those on our teams to take ownership themselves.

There’s always room for growth – even in a leadership role. People who have taken ownership of projects should be humble enough to seek mentors or others who can provide guiding hands as needed.

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